Graphic Design Associate

Our parent company, Bold Brands, is comprised of 2 different sock and swag-focused companies. Swag Bar helps create, ship and store cohesive swag boxes on behalf of our brand partners. And Custom Sock Lab focuses on branded, private label and logo sock swag for promotional products and wholesale clients. In the U.S., where more than 99% of socks are made overseas, we purposefully go against the grain, creating innovative, 5-star quality sock products all made in our home state of North Carolina. 


Bold Brands is searching for a versatile graphic designer to join our team. This person will play a critical role in shaping the future of our brands and our umbrella company, engaging with the founder on a daily basis. Our ideal candidate lives and breathes brand standards while working quickly and efficiently across various mediums. Fluent in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop – you’re the person who will be designing everything from trade show displays to PPC web banners to new product packaging. You should equally comfortable spending an entire morning engaged in deep design work and spending your afternoon engaging directly with clients via phone and email. Bonus points for photography and/or e-commerce expertise.

The Graphic Design Associate will be expected to have a hand in nearly every aspect of our young and growing company. Your goal is to be the chief visual storyteller for our brands.

If you were our Graphic Design Associate, you would have completed the following in the past few weeks:

  • Created email templates for a new 6-part email customer welcome series.
  • Blocked out a trade show display for an upcoming road show.
  • Helped facilitate an online research survey with one of our ideal brand audiences.
  • Created an 10-page brand catalog for distributor partners.
  • Used Adobe Stock assets to create several dozen variations on Facebook ads.
  • Created 4 infographics to be used on product pages.
  • Engaged in a happy hour strategy session with the owner at a local brewery.
  • Resized 100 product photos to be used on a new website.
  • Participated in a photoshoot at a local park.
  • Developed 15 new sock concepts for custom clients like Ford, AT&T and the Salvation Army.
  • Helped create the blueprint for a new website redesign

The best candidates for this job will have:

  • Expert-level fluency in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Bonus points for Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, etc.
  • A background in branding and an appreciation for a cohesive look and feel. You love a curated Instagram feed.
  • Knowledge of digital and printed graphic design. You know your way around bleed lines and pixel counts.
  • A knack for online systems and the ability to jump between platforms without losing focus.
  • Exceptional organizational skills. We’re talking color-coded-sock drawer organized.
  • An insane eye for detail. You sweat the small stuff and value consistency.
  • A true love of design. You dream about hex codes and have an all-time favorite font.
  • A curiosity about ecommerce. You are interested in what drives a consumer to spend $100 of their hard-earned money on a sock brand they only just discovered.

Compensation & Role Growth:

  • Commensurate with experience. The goal is to hire this person full-time starting in late Spring / early Summer.


  • Ideally based in or around Charlotte, NC but remote opportunities do exist (i.e. location independent).

To apply:

Submit resume and link to your portfolio via email to with the subject “Graphic Design Associate Application”. 

In your message, please tell us why you are excited about this position and why you believe you are a good fit for the role. Somewhere in the message, please include the phrase “purple bananas.” This is an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity.

All resumes should be sent as PDF attachments (not MS Word). Any applications not submitted as PDF or without the correct subject line will not be considered.

Other Positions

We are always on the hunt for great people. While it’s helpful to be based in Charlotte, NC , it is not completely necessary and remote positions do exist.

If you believe you can help our organization in a meaningful way and think a hole in a great pair of socks is literally worth crying over, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email to with the subject line ” CSL Jobs.”

We’d love to hear from you!