We'll make it easy

A premium quality product mixed with incredible service makes for a perfect pair (pun intended). There’s a reason our clients keep coming back.

You have complete control over the process


We don't give you standard templates and tell you
your logo can only
fit 1x1" box.

Pick your colors, pick you design elements, pick your sock length- whatever you dream up, we’ll make it happen.
Our socks are made in North Carolina


Did you know that <1% of socks sold in the US are made in the US?

All of our socks are made in our home state of North Carolina. We have incredible relationships with our suppliers and stand by our product quality.

We offer the best in class service


Most custom shops take your money and hand you off to some junior account person (possibly overseas).

We do just the opposite. For our small Charlotte-based team, the best part of our day is interacting with our clients. Call us anytime.

We offer a range of products

Our product options


Creating a beautiful pair of custom socks is equal parts art & science. Balancing the two is our specialty, and we’ll bring you along for the ride. Once you convey your vision to us, we’ll walk you through each step so that you can trust there will be no surprises, gotchas or gimmicks.


When someone receives a pair of our socks for the first time, our goal is to blow them away with our quality and novel design work. We want the end wearer to be so impressed that they’ll brag to all of their friends, helping to spread your brand’s awareness.


We make a conscious choice to go against the trend and partner with local US-based factories that pay their employees a fair wage and offer them safe, clean working environments. Not only that, our partners leverage state of the art knitting machines capable of creating designs that were unheard of even just 5 years ago. These hosiery mill partners are what truly allow us to offer premium quality end products.


If for any reason you are not happy with the final product, we will do whatever we can to make it right. If we have to redesign the sock, re-knit or refund your money entirely, we’ll be sure to take care of you. After all, our business thrives on referrals.

Hear from our Customers

John R

Brad and the team made the process easy from start to finish. It was clear from day 1 they know how to make a great pair of socks. I'm so happy we chose Custom Sock Lab.

John R.

Emma T

Making a pair of socks is a surprisingly complex process, but the CSL team made things super easy to understand. The end result? Everyone at the conference was talking about our sock swag!

Emma T.